By moving away from traditional development branding logic, we helped Salta construct a new narrative for their most ambitious project yet. With two of Melbourne’s most renowned architectural studios on board, Salta came to us to create a new brand, visual identity, content series and communications campaign.

“A project brought to life by some of the city’s leading creative talents.”



Situated on the banks of the Yarra River, we wanted to create an identity that would bring to life everything that was unique about the site. A place where nature meets urban life, and Australia’s most renowned architects and landscape designer have come together to deliver the best of both worlds. Using a simple but elegant letter-mark to represent the street name, we were able to create a bold visual statement that would allow for instant recognition and graphic versatility.

INSIGHT From its urban meets nature location to the inside meets outside architectural design, Walmer Street offers its inhabitants the best of both worlds when it comes to contemporary Melbourne living.


From its urban meets nature location to the inside meets outside architectural design, Walmer Street offers its inhabitants the best of both worlds when it comes to contemporary Melbourne living.

To bring an unexpected element to the project, we collaborated with artist Brooke Holm to capture a series of beautiful yet alien natural landscapes. Shot high above Victoria’s Lake Tyrrell, the photographs of the salt-encrusted pink lake formed the basis for our brand palette and campaign imagery.
With two of the city’s most renowned architectural studios on board, Bates Smart and TCL, the makings of a unique Melbourne made project was well underway. To further enhance this proposition, we invited a select group of Melbourne based artists, designers to collaborate on other key aspects of the project. From lighting design to ceramics, the collaborations formed the basis for our content series hosted by comedian and architecture enthusiast Tim Ross.
BROOKE HOLMLandscape Photography
With an eye for capturing the thresholds of the natural world, Brooke Holm is the name behind that photo you want to hang on your living room wall. In between exhibitions and trips to Iceland, we collaborated with Brooke to create the now iconic Sea Lake series at Lake Tyrell in Victoria.
Speaking to a contemporary Australian lifestyle, Justin Hutchinson draws inspiration from nature to create furniture with heritage, quality and technique. Founder of Melbourne based brand Kett Furniture, Justin’s appreciation for craftsmanship and quality materials can be seen in every piece he designs.
In just a few short years, Melbourne-based industrial designer Christopher Boots has carved a name for himself as a creator of some of Australia’s most unique lighting. Working with a team of glass blowers, copper smiths, ceramicists and sculptors, every part of Christopher Boots’ pieces have been painstakingly considered and refined.
Merging traditional and modern pottery techniques, Sophie Moran creates quiet, gentle and timeless pieces. The high-fired stoneware and porcelain clay bodies employed in her craft ensure her collections are of the highest quality. Every object is designed, created and fired from Moran’s private studio in Brunswick.
Over the years Tim Ross has transitioned from comedian / radio host to spokesperson on all things Australian design. A self-professed architecture nerd, we asked Tim if he’d like to host a series of conversations with other local makers and designers for Walmer. The only catch was, he would have to row a boat down the Yarra while reciting poetry.
MARK ROPERPhotographer
Mark Roper is a UK-born Melbourne-based lifestyle, travel, food and interiors photographer. He’s shot for Vogue Living, Belle, Gourmet Traveller and Habitus, among others, and worked with some of Australia’s top brands and restaurants including Aesop and Dinner by Heston. A great guy with an even better eye, Mark was a natural choice to capture the warmth of the Walmer interiors.
From print and outdoor advertising to editorial focussed brochures and collectible art books, we created a design system that would be flexible enough to cater for the myriad of applications required throughout the project.
Designed to evolve over the life of the project, we created a website that could balance the brand's portfolio needs with editorial rich content.
From reciting poetry while rowing a boat down the Yarra to hosting a series of interviews with Walmer’s design team, we collaborated with comedian and architecture enthusiast Tim Ross to create a series of informative meets charismatic content.

Like to discuss a project with us?Say hello@janetheagency.com

Like to discuss a project with us? Say hello@janetheagency.com