We are proud to announce the first stage of our new project for Salta properties. Over 12 months in the making, Jane developed an overarching strategy to guide every facet of the project. As well as naming and brand identity, we also commissioned a series of crafted collaborations to bring this uniquely Melbourne project to life – including a series of landscapes by photographer Brooke Holm. Shot at Victoria’s Lake Tyrell, the images form part of the branding and communications as well as featuring in an onsite gallery.

The word “Tyrrell” derives from the Aboriginal word “Tyrille” meaning SKY or SPACE- both of which are in ample supply at Lake Tyrrell. During wet and warm periods, Lake Tyrrell turns pink from the red pigment secreted by the pink micro-algae red marine phytoplankton. If you look closely you can see us on the left of screen- just next to the phytoplankton. Love that word. Phytoplankton. Try casually dropping that into a sentence. ‘Hey nice top, it’s a lovely shade of phytoplankton.’