Salt for Salta

We are proud to announce the first stage of our new project for Salta properties. Over 12 months in the making, Jane developed an overarching strategy to guide every facet of the project.

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Australian Open

This month Jane teamed up with Tennis Australia to launch a new lifestyle collection for the Australian Open. When they first contacted us we thought they must have heard about our sweet backhand, however they politely declined and asked us to design a pop up boutique and campaign to launch their new On & Off Court collection.

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Jane Does Paris & London

Thank you to all the Janes who took part in our My Name Is Jane project in Paris and London this week. From icons (Jane Birkin) to artists (Jane Puylagarde - pictured), the first international leg of our tour de Jane has been a humbling experience. As with our Melbourne shoots, each Jane was photographed (and filmed) in identical studio and lighting conditions. So far the project has captured 50 Janes of varying age, backgrounds and demographics.

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